Retropalooza V

Round two with retro gaming conventions with my dad. This time we went to Arlington Texas to attending Retropalooza V hosted by a popular duo nerds; Billy and Jay, who are known as the Game Chasers on YouTube. Unlike LetsPlay Gaming Expo that we attended in August, Retropalooza was more focused on the content creators in the retro gaming community rather than competitions and gameplay.

I first heard about this convention when I started following Billy and Jay on YouTube and heard them promoting it. At that time they were promoting the creators who were going to be attending and hosting panels, while there were many I had heard of before, but never watched, there was a handful that I had been following for a while and I knew I had to meet. Other than Billy and Jay, that I forgot to get a picture with, I got to attend panels with and meet:

Wood Hawker: Also known as BeatEmUps on YouTube, Wood is a content creator that is not focused solely on retro games nor solely on Nintendo. Wood was definitely one of the nicest guys I met at the convention. He was so willing to strike up a conversation with me and was genuinely excited when I told him about the games I had bought, what I was playing recently and was interested about the tattoo I was telling him I was going to be getting that night. You could really tell he wanted to get to know his audience well, and even asked me if he could take a picture with me.

My Own Picture

Pat Contri: Pat the NES Punk on YouTube had a really interesting panel that was focused on audience questions about the NES. As this is my dad’s favorite system, he enjoyed it the most. Pat wasn’t into gaming when the NES came out, so it’s interesting to see what his take on the system was.

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┬áMichael Sundman: Gajin Goomba on YouTube was probably one of my favorite panelists from the weekend. He had so much energy and talked about games, the “adpocolypse,” and anime. He was funny and when the audience asked him difficult questions (Mario vs. Sonic, Mario vs. Zelda, etc.) he pretended to get mad but then gave his answer and a great story to go along with it.

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Of course, other than panels there were free pay consoles set up and vendors in a huge room. I could spend hours walking around looking through everything on the vendor floor. My dad walked away with the best thing, an original NES, and he was so happy to get it.

My own picture
My own picture

Although Retropalooza was extremely different from the last convention we went to, we still had loads of fun and we can not wait until next year.

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